Who Are We?
Charlie Ryan has worked in the Social Services Sector for over 20 years in the United States, UK, and Australia as Regional Director of Migrant & Refugee Resettlement Services, Disability Services, and Homelessness Services. Rebecca Ryan has worked for over 20 years as a Special Education Teacher supporting children with severe & profound disabilities.  Together we have tried to act as role models for our three children and we intend to leave this planet a healthy and habitable place for them and future generations. After all, if we don’t take action, who will?


What We Do
Collection of Clean, Useful Residential, Industrial & Commercial Discards

Do you have trash cans or dumpsters full of materials too good to waste? Why not see if Reverse Garbage can collect your residential, industrial and commercial discards and make them available to the community for reuse? We are a Wisconsin-based startup committed to helping clean up the planet and do good in our community. 


How Does it work?
First we need to get an idea of the kinds of materials you are currently throwing out. We might come out to do an inspection or ask you to send photos. If we think we can find a new home for your discards we will provide you with one of our bins (240L wheelie bin) to fill with pre-approved materials. Reverse Garbage can collect on a regular or irregular basis depending on the quantity of useful discards you produce. We can also arrange one-off pickups. 


Is there a cost?
Our discards collection service is free of charge, helping you save on your disposal costs. We reserve the right to reuse any materials. We are not your average garbage removal service. 

What Happens to the Materials?
We bring the materials back to our warehouse, sort them, and sell them direct to the public for use in art and craft projects, home and garden improvements and anything else our ingenious customers come up with!

(Bottle Cap Art)


What Else We Offer
Using our backgrounds in Human and Social Services, we offer education on environmental sustainability, recycling, and repurposing materials to keep them out of our landfills. We also offer workshops to school groups, artists, crafts people, and the general public on utilizing the materials we collect to make beautiful works of art and other useful items to help make our world a better place. 


We are also developing an art gallery where artists can sell their high-quality creations on a consignment basis. And we proudly provide support to other community, creative and educational groups in the form of donated materials, service-in-kind, mutual benefit projects and small financial sponsorships.

Lastly, we seek to employ people with disabilities and other disadvantaged individuals offering them meaningful, fun, and fulfilling employment. 


Who benefits from your donated waste?
~You do! We reduce your disposal costs.
~The environment does! Every item we collect reduces the materials going to landfill and demand for new natural resources- that’s a double win for the environment!
~The community does! We provide affordable materials for schools, community groups, and individuals to get creative while helping the planet. We also promote the arts by providing low-cost materials to students and artists.
~Reverse Garbage does! We employ people in need of meaningful employment and we are an example of a socially and environmentally sustainable business.


What’s In It For You?
Apart from reducing your disposal costs, we will provide you with periodic reports detailing how much material you have helped to divert from landfills. Pretty good PR for companies and simply good for the soul!

Donating Will Help Us Fulfill Our Mission
Firstly, we are so grateful that you have read up to this point and are considering making a contribution to our mission. We are so very grateful for any amount you are willing to donate to this effort. Let’s face it, we are on this planet exactly ONCE. We feel strongly that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 

After all, If we don’t take action, Who Will?

Thank you,

Charlie Ryan
Founder | Executive Director