All donated products and materials must be clean, safe and suitable for reuse. The kind of products and materials we can accept include:

  • Acrylic commercial offcuts
  • Books relating to craft, art, building, gardening, or special interest. Encyclopedias on approval
  • Bottle tops
  • Containers (plastic, glass, cardboard and metal containers and drums, boxes, bottles, pots)
  • Coreflute – commercial offcuts
  • Corks
  • Doors and windows
  • Fabric and textiles (rolls, swatches and samples)
  • Film and theatre props and costumes (theatre props, costumes, set pieces, wigs, costume jewellery)
  • Film and theatre set materials (flats, columns, treads, staging pieces, plinths, lighting gels, cradles)
  • Film reels
  • Foam core commercial offcuts
  • Lighting foils and films
  • Harberdashery (zippers, buttons, thread, belts, clips, braid, ribbon, padding)
  • Leather (belts, rolls, skins, offcuts)
  • Merchandising (mannequins, body shells, corflute, props, display items, signage)
  • Metal (punch-outs, brackets, wire, sheets)
  • Netting and shade materials
  • Novelty and promotional items
  • Packing boxes (delivered to us)
  • Paper and cardboard (leftovers and offcuts)
  • Pavers (delivered to us no pickups)
  • Plastics and foam (perspex, acetate, polypropylene, vinyl, expanded polystyrene, polyethylene foam, latex foam, foam rubber, neoprene, EVA skins, closed cell foam as sheets, blocks, cut-outs, stencils, O-rings)
  • Rope, cord and twine
  • Stationery (notepads, pens, pencils, envelops. No lever arch files)
  • Timber and plywood (de-nailed, including structural timber, flooring, spools and frames)
  • Tools
  • Tubing (plastic, cardboard, rubber)
  • Vinyl records
  • …and anything that is suitable for crafting and making, including commercial over-runs and industrial off-cuts.
cardboard tubes
movie props
beer bottle caps