Unf*ck The Planet. Slow The Rate of Consumption Through Reuse.

Lets face it, together humans have kind of f*cked up the place. Together we can unf*ck it and ensure we leave the planet a habitable place for our children and grandchildren. Globally, we’re producing a staggering 1.3 billion tons of landfill waste annually. 

Reverse Garbage exists to promote environmental sustainability by working with individuals, local communities and businesses to collect, recycle, reuse and repurpose junk  otherwise destined for a landfill.


We help keep communities clean by collecting junk destined for a landfill and reuse, repurpose, recycle and divert otherwise unwanted items away from landfills. We then make those items available to artists, teachers, craftspeople, schools and the general public.


Embodied energy is the amount of energy consumed to extract, refine, process, transport and fabricate a material or product. It is often measured from cradle (factory) to grave (end of life). Likewise, embodied carbon footprint is the amount of carbon (CO2 or CO2e emission) to produce a material. 

Embodied energy and carbon is a topic of rising importance. The fact is, if you can extend the useful life of a product, you’re helping to reduce CO2 being added to our planet. As we work to battle climate change, buying used should become our first resort and buying new should become our last.

Every item humans have ever produced has left a carbon footprint and has an inherent value. The moment we put an item in a landfill, we have lost that value forever. As the saying goes, “One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure.” Just because an item is no longer useful to you doesn’t mean it’s not still useful to someone else.